The Law & Leadership Institute: College Scholars Mentorship Program
Thank you for your interest in becoming an LLI College Scholars Mentor. Please fill out the information requested on the pages that follow to be matched with an LLI College Scholar.
Mentorship Program Information:
The LLI College Scholars 2017-2018 Mentorship cycle will begin July 2017 and conclude December 2018. The program is designed to serve Law and Leadership Institute graduates who are current college students. For more information on the Law and Leadership Institute, please visit

Before being matched with an LLI College Scholar, Mentorship Training materials will be distributed and a Mentor Welcome will be scheduled at a date TBD. The official LLI College Scholars Mentorship program (meeting with students) is scheduled to begin July 2017.

As an LLI College Scholars Mentor, you commit to meet with your student at dates agreed upon by you and the student (in person or virtually) at least 4 times per calendar year. During those meetings, you agree to answer any college or career questions students may have, offer support, and generally serve as a resource person for the LLI College Scholar. You also agree to allow LLI to conduct a background check prior to assuming the Mentor role.

Thank you for your willingness to make a difference in the life of an LLI College Scholar!

Questions or concerns? Email LLI Program Director, Kari Murphy, at

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