Keystone Classic Registration
Normally, we go to BADC every year at Columbia University, but we can't go this year because it falls on finals weekend. Instead, we're going to try a new competition hosted by Penn State, the annual Keystone Classic, on October 26th! The competition also has a Halloween-themed social dance the night before and workshops for syllabus competitors the day after.

Competion registration is FREE for newcomers your first semester to try competing! You will only be competing against other dancers who started this semester.

Vets need to pay comp team dues and staff 5 hours at DCDI to compete.

If you are using student housing, please fill out this form ASAP. Otherwise, the deadline to sign up is THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17TH. If you sign up after that, veteran dancers will be asked to cover the $5 late registration fee.

You and your partner both need to fill out this form SEPARATELY!
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O2CM, the registration system that most comps use, requires all competitors to have a unique Registration Identification Number (RIN). If you don't have an RIN yet, you'll need to register and make an account at Make sure you add as the associated account so that we have permission to register you! If you're confused about this process, just write n/a below and we'll help walk you through it.
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