LA ACA Co-Sponsorship Network Questionnaire (~5 Minutes)
Fill out this super short questionnaire and get paired up with an ACA Co-Sponsorship that fits your needs.
Thank you for your interest in the LA ACA Co-Sponsorship Network, by filling out this questionnaire you will be enrolled into the network. Once it is filled out and submitted, the intent is to match you with other fellow travelers based on similar needs. The original idea was to pair others who have a desire to work the 12 Steps of ACA. This way we as ACAs can grow and experience the 12 Promises and move into The Solution and recover from the effects of our dysfunctional childhoods.

How it will work is that by filling out and submitting this form, a trusted servant of the LA ACA Intergroup Co-Sponsorship subcommittee will then carefully review submissions, and place you in contact with 3 others that have similar program needs.

Your information will be kept private. Your responses will only be seen by a trusted servant of the LA ACA Intergroup. Once a match has been made, an introduction email with contact information and next step instructions will be sent to all 4 members within that particular Co-Sponsorship Group. Your Co-Sponsorship Group will never be alone, if you or your group gets stuck along the way there will be a help line that you can reach out to in order to get support or guidance along the way. That information will be sent in the introduction email, once the pairing is complete. If you wish to not take the online survey, but still wish to be a part of the Co-Sponsorship Network, please email

Trust can be an issue with ACAs, but a level of trust will be needed in order to take part of this Co-Sponsorship Network. It is true trust is built overtime, but all we ask is that you trust the process and/or your Higher Power. Taking step is a big one, but I believe that by taking this step together we not only help ourselves, but we help our fellows as well.

Thank you,
Ed C - ACA Co-Sponsorship Network Chair
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