This a short questionnaire which is part of a market research process for a Swazi ecommerce website. Please take a few minutes of your time to respond to the following questions.
How long have you been using the Internet?
What device do you use mostly to access the Internet?
How many hours do you spend on the Internet a day?
Which (time of day) do you normally access the Internet?
Where do you use the Internet the most?
How comfortable do you feel using the Internet?
What do you use the Internet For?
Do you know any Swazi eCommerce Website(s)?
If yes, please name it/them.
Your answer
Have you ever bought anything online?
If you have never purchased anything online, why. Please share the reason(s)
Would you buy online?
How much (on average) would you be willing to spend per week shopping online if it were possible?
Which of the following would you buy online?
Please select your age group
Please select/state your nationality
Which (of the listed below) towns is the closest to where you live?
Please select your education level
Your Email Address
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Your Mobile Phone Number
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