ADVNC Lacrosse North Bay Staff Application
Thank you for your interest in being a part of ADVNC Lacrosse North Bay staff. This application is necessary for us to consider you as a staff member. Completion of this application does not guarantee a staff position. ADVNC Lacrosse North Bay will contact all applicants regarding the status of their application.

Feel free to contact us at or if you have any questions.
All Applicants Including Those Returning
All Applicants...
...including returning staff MUST fill in all required information as noted by the red asterisk.

Note however, although the "Schedules" section does not have a red asterisk next to the questions, it is IMPERATIVE that EVERYONE supply information regarding their AVAILABILITY.

Returning Staff:
Those who have previously submitted an ADVNC Lacrosse or All West Lacrosse application need to update their information, including items noted by the red asterisk.
Staff Information
First Name *
Your given name.
Last Name *
Your Family name.
Gender *
Street Address *
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Zipcode *
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Home/Alternate Phone Number *
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High School - College Attended
Email *
Example: Email is our PRIMARY method of communication - please ensure you check your emails regularly in case of important updates.
Position *
Please indicate the type of position(s) you are considering.
Have you previously worked for ADVNC Lacrosse North Bay or All West Lacrosse? *
Gender Coached
Clear selection
Have you previously attended an ADVNC Lacrosse North Bay or All West Lacrosse program as a player/participant?
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Staff Uniform Information
Staff members are required to wear ADVNC Lacrosse North Bay gear while working at ADVNC NB programs and events. Please provide sizing information for that purpose.
T-Shirt Size
Clear selection
Short Size
Clear selection
US Lacrosse Affiliation
ADVNC Lacrosse North Bay recommends Staff Members to become and maintain membership in the U.S. Lacrosse Foundation. There many benefits to being a member including and especially on-the-field insurance coverage.

The US Lacrosse Member Insurance Program provides General Liability and Accident Medical Insurance to all members while participating in covered amateur lacrosse activities.
U.S. Lacrosse Foundation: Are you a current and valid member?
Clear selection
U.S. Lacrosse Foundation Member Number
Enter NA If you do not have a U.S. Lacrosse Foundation Member Number.
U.S. Lacrosse Foundation Membership Expiration Date
Enter NA If you do not have a U.S. Lacrosse Foundation Expiration Date.
Locations You Are Available to Support
Please Check All That Apply: ADVNC Lacrosse North Bay events occur throughout each of the areas below depending on the season. Special events, such as Tournaments and Overnight Camps have specific locations and are noted in their respective SCHEDULE SECTION.
What Is Your Availability - Location/Schedules
The following sections are for each of the SEASONS.For Spring, Fall and Winter, the time-frames are general to get an idea of your availability. Details for specific needs will be discussed when appropriate. For Summer, the dates are specific and committed, so please ensure your responses are accurate. Please select the choices where you are available and wish to work. Otherwise, you should leave it blank.
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