VooDoo Manager Application
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Manager Requirements
Managers need to have Discord
Be friendly, have positive vibes, understanding, firm when needed, fun but professional
Managers are required to have a Gmail email account to be able to access the needed documents.
Managers need to be able to DJ & Host if needed (DJ's would need to be cast)
Manager shifts last for one hour and managers need to have at least 4 perms manager slots.
Managers need to be able to work alone and as apart of the team.
Being fair, showing no favouritism, being respectful, professional and nice.
All managers are required to attend at least one host and security class.
Communication, respect, teamwork and honesty is the key to make a great manager team.
Respect is the key. Treat others with respect and kindness.
Managers get paid per manager shift weekly
Todays Date? *
Your Second Life USER/LEGACY NAME (the name you use to log into second life with) *
How old is your avatar? *
Internet connection type - You are required to have stable internet. NO HOTSPOTS!!! *
Are you currently working at VooDoo? *
Are you a DJ? please understand managers are required to DJ and host if needed *
Are you in our discord server? *
What is your discord name including the numbers ( example philthevoodoominion#6688 *
What is your Gmail? *
Have you ever been a manager in a SL club before? *
Experience? if none put N/A  If yes please understand training will be given anyway. *
Can you work as part of a team? *
Can you work alone? *
are you a manager or club owner of another club *
managers are required to do 4 or more 1 hour permanent shifts per week can you do this? *
Do you understand Managers are paid weekly per shift they do? *
How did you hear about us? *
Do you understand that you will only be contacted if processed to the next stage? *
What are your best qualities for Management *
Please note that your application will be deleted if it does not meet the requirements to be a voodoo manager
thank you ♥
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