Karate Camp Registration Form
Palo Alto, CA • July 12th-16th
Cost: $500
Location: Palo Alto, CA (Living Wisdom High School & Cubberley field)

This five-day day camp hosted by Hazemach, an LWHS teacher, will be a joyful blend of fitness and games, karate, mathematical and scientific exploration, and historical and language discovery. At LWHS, students love Haze's classes and find themselves swept up in a love of learning, a curiosity for exploring big questions, and the motivation to challenge themselves physically and mentally. The camps will be tech-free, outdoors, and full of sports and games and meaningful (homework-free) academic explorations.

Hazemach has taught mathematics, literature, and physical education at Living Wisdom High School since 2019. He is a Living Wisdom School alumnus who began to discover a passion for teaching at the Karate and Fitness Place after he became a junior black belt at 11-years-old. After three years at Woodside Priory High School, he chose to begin college early at Bard College at Simon’s Rock, where he developed an interest in the humanities while studying advanced mathematics. After receiving his Associate of Arts with distinction, at 18-years-old he chose to travel to Germany to seek mentorship in mathematics research. Three years later, he received his Master of Science in Mathematics from Jacobs University with a thesis on the topological characterization of holomorphic dynamical systems, and began research work in mathematics. During this time, he discovered a prevailing interest in the history, popular communication, and pedagogy of science, so Hazemach chose to pursue teaching as a profession, and returned to Palo Alto to contribute to the Education for Life movement. He pursues further development in various disciplines, including mathematics, physics, philosophy and history of science, literature, literary criticism, linguistics, religion, Karate, piano, yoga, and meditation.

Schedule (tentative and based on participant interest)
9:30-10: Meet at classroom
10-11:10: fitness and games
11:15-11:30: mental math
11:30-noon: Reading period
Noon-1:00: Lunch outside
1:00-1:30: world history / language families
1:30-2:30: Fitness and games
2:30-3:30: What is Time? Space? Determinism?

***Appropriate COVID-19 protocols will be in place and will be communicated in-depth later on***

**If COVID-19 mandates prevent your child from being able to attend, we will refund you in full**

For all campers, we ask for them to come ready to:

1) Participate in the experience with a spirit of willingness, helpfulness, and joyful cooperation
2) Engage in respectful and compassionate speech and behavior with themselves, their peers, and the camp leaders
3) Follow the guidance and direction of our camp leaders
4) Be open to learning new skills and practices
5) Enjoy the camp experience in a way that embraces simplicity: without the use of cell phones, technology, cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs
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For all payments, please mail a check to:

Living Wisdom High School
4000 Middlefield Road #29
Palo Alto, CA 94303

***If COVID-19 mandates prevent your child from being able to attend, we will refund you in full.
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We look forward to seeing you this summer!
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