2019 UofS- Exit Survey
Thank you to everyone who attended UofS this year. It was a huge success and we are so pleased with the turn out. In an effort to make the event even better next year, we would like you to complete this survey.

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This was my first year attending.
Do you plan to return next year and continue your Degree Program?
Overall, I was satisfied with University of Scouting 2019.
I found the Midway vendors Useful.
I would like to see a Vendor, Community Partner on the Midway next year.
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The information from my classes was useful.
The information in my Check-in Packet was useful.
The Pre-Event information on the Council website was useful.
The Food in the Cafeteria was Easy to Get to, Affordable and Good Quality.
I would love to see the following classes on the catalog next year.
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I would be interested in teaching. Yes (please list class, or ANY)
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Any information you would like to share with the staff.
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I did NOT receive my patch/certificate. ++ ONLY answer if you did NOT receive your certificate at the closing ceremony. ++ (Include District name, we will get certificates to the Roundtables in December/January)
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With our partnership with TCC, they have asked we provide DOB for all parties using their facilities. We failed to get everyone's information at check-in, please provide your DOB.
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