Life After MLM - A Questionnaire
Hey! Thank you for your interest in being involved with my podcast! I appreciate you taking the time to fill out this form to help me gather information for future episodes. Feel free to answer the questions that apply to you, or elaborate in the answer section if you need more room.

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Why are you "Anti MLM"?
Which MLM(s) have you been involved with?
How much time were you with all your MLMs combined?
Did you lose money during your time in MLM?
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Did you hit any recruiting ranks during your time in MLM?
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Were you ever any of the following?
Did you experience any of the common psychological issues while in or leaving MLM?
Were you ever given any "extra" recognition in your MLM?
What is one story from your time in MLM that is "unbelievable"?
What is something you REALLY want me to know about your time in MLM?
What level of comfort do you have sharing your personal experiences?
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