Dogpatch Hub Program Survey
We want your input!

The Friends of the Dogpatch Hub is a nonprofit founded to create a neighborhood-serving public space to better serve our rapidly growing community, by adaptively reusing the Kneass Boatshed -- a building seen on the left in the photo above that sits at the north edge of our beloved Crane Cove Park.

In this very brief, 8-question survey, our goal is to learn what needs you think that a new, public neighborhood facility could address; for yourself, your family and loved ones, and for your community. This could include multi-purpose spaces for civic meetings, performances, enrichment like art classes, teen-focused space/study center, meet-ups and social gatherings, community gatherings and/or a mix of all these things.

THIS IS AN ANONYMOUS SURVEY, but you are welcome to share your contact information and to join our mailing list--we promise never to abuse your inbox!
1. What types of facilities/programs/activities do you/your household currently use/participate in, in San Francisco? Please check all that apply. *
2. Rate the types of programs/facilities you'd most like to see at the Dogpatch Hub, 1 = Not needed; 3 = Essential *
1 Not needed
2 Good to have
3 Essential
Civic meetings & neighborhood-related workshops
Youth afterschool programs (enrichment, study, chill, homework help)
Fitness (yoga, tai chi, zoomba, ping pong, etc.)
Arts & lectures (music, symposia, arts, science)
Enrichment/workshops/classes (maker, crafts, tech)
Private event/activity rentals (birthdays, weddings, business events)
Neighbor meetups
Community & group socials (parent night, meet-your-neighbor mixer, senior tea)
Social service hub (Meals on Wheels pick up center, etc.)
3. Tell us what other program offerings you'd like to see at the Dogpatch Hub:
4. What did we miss? Any thoughts you would like to add?
5. How far do you live or work from the Kneass Building at 671 Illinois Street near Mariposa St.? *
6. How many people live in your household? *
7. Tell us your age range: *
8. Are there children and/or grandparents in your home? If so, what are their ages? If none please check 'none' *
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