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Thanks for your interest in getting involved as a Startup Haven Chapter Director. This simple form will help us learn more about you while we also help you understand more about us and the role of a Director.

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Understanding and supporting what Startup Haven stands for is fundamental to the role of Director. Please take a moment to review each of the following links. Indicate your understanding and support of the content of each.
Startup Haven History and Mission
Startup Haven isn't just another community event or networking group. We're trying do something special. Please review the following links and respond below.

Startup Haven History:

Startup Haven Mission:
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Startup Haven Code of Conduct
In order to maintain the high signal/low noise character of our programs and our events, it is important that we maintain a high standard of conduct among our members and partners. Please review the following link and respond below.

Code of Conduct :
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Founder Focus
Startup Haven is obsessively focused on supporting startup founders. As such, the qualifications for joining Startup Haven or attending our events is very strict. The hardest part of the job as a Director is telling otherwise terrific people (often friends and colleagues) that they aren't qualified to join. As brutal as this can sometimes seem, it's necessary to maintain the quality of experience for our founder members. Please review the following link and respond below.

Who Can Join:
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Director Role: Duties, Benefits and Commitment
Startup Haven Directors are the life blood of Startup Haven. Here's what you should know about the role if you're interested in becoming one. Please review the following link and respond below.

Director Role:
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If you made it this far and you still think you're interested and a good fit, then tell us a little about yourself and we'll be in touch.
One of our flagship events, Startup Poker 2.0, involves running a fun, low-stakes poker tournament. What's your poker tournament experience? *
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