I need a MATH class in Fall 2018
Most students who want to add a full class should use the new wait list feature on GET.

Exception: Some classes do not have wait lists. These include

MATH 2040
MATH 2050
MATH 2110
MATH 2120
MATH 2130

If you are unable to find a math class from this list, please leave your name here. This will help the math department determine how much demand there is. If enough people indicate that they need a class, then we MIGHT be able to open a new section or make more space. No guarantees! If we open up a new section or make space in existing sections, we MIGHT notify you about it by email, provided that we have enough time to do that.

Also, if you would like to request that a class be added to the schedule, please leave your name here.

Feel free to pass on link to anyone who might be interested.

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