AgriSemantics Survey
This short survey is intended to gather the opinions of practitioners, academics, funders and researchers about the adoption and application of AgriSemantics. Thank you for your time.
Where Are You Located? *
What type of organisation do you work for? *
What definitions and use of AgriSemantics are you familiar with? *
What is your understanding of Interoperability ? *
Does your organisation use AgriSemantics? *
If yes, in what application area do you use AgrisSemantics ?
If not, why not?
What ongoing barriers to the adoption of Agrisemantics exist in your organisation ?
Do you use any publicly available agrisementics resources?
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If yes, which ones?
What sequence of events led to the adoption of Agrisemantics in your organisation?
Do you make any contributions to public resources?
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If not why not?
In your opinion, what are the major flaws in publicly available resources?
Have you participated in any publicly funded AgriSemantics projects?
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If yes, was there any obligation to share the results of the project with private industry?
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What were the success metrics set by the sponsor / funding agency?
What do you think is the future of Agrisemantics?
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