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Paypal to: TopPOPUSA@gmail.com (use the friends option, not business)
Venmo to: TopPOPUSA
make check out to "James Davis" and mail to:

James Davis
PO Box 506
Wildomar, CA 92595

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Facebook page: POPS-USA
Website: POPS-USA.com

Email: TopPOPUSA@gmail.com
Cell: 910 987 0654

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Feel free to add any comments. Welcome in advance to POPS! James "Guido" Davis ~ TopPOP USA
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Send PayPal to: TopPOPUSA@gmail.com use the "friends" option, not "business"
Send Venmo to: TopPOPUSA
or mail to:
James Davis
PO Box 506
Wildomar, CA 92595
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