Upper Hutt School Family Fun Fiesta 2018 Feedback
The Fundraising Team along with the staff at Upper Hutt School have now held our second Fiesta, on Saturday 27 October 2018. This event raised a fantastic amount, just over $10,000 for our school. The weather during this weekend was not as wonderful as last year as we had rain from about 1pm. While a good amount of activities and stalls had shelter, we did need to close the inflatables.

Our 2018 Fiesta Goals
" To raise funds for our school's outdoor learning spaces - $14,000 profit target.
" To create a family fun day for our school and wider community, where we come together to celebrate and share our culture, achievements, exhibit our crafts, and promote our school and community.

Last year, we asked our community for feedback on this event, and we took this into consideration during the planning of the Fiesta this year.

We are again asking our community to let us know what you and your family think about this major event, what you enjoyed, what could be improved, and how you feel about fundraising at Upper Hutt School. We value your feedback as this helps us decide if and how we will have Fiesta's in the future. If the Fiesta's are to continue at our school, as this event requires much planning and preparation, we will need our family's support and participation.

The feedback you give is anonymous unless you supply your contact details.

Thank you for your time, we really appreciate your feedback,

The Fundraising Team
Upper Hutt School
Did you attend our Family Fun Fiesta 2018?
If you selected "No, I did not attend" in the above question, can you tell us briefly why you did not or were unable to attend? eg Saturday's busy, etc
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The Fiesta opened at 11am and finished at 3pm. Did you find this timing adequate for you to visit and enjoy the Fiesta? If not, what time frames would be suitable for your family.
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We have held the Fiesta's on Saturdays. Previously the school has done a Friday twilight gala. Which day would your family find most suitable? You can select more than one option.
We have held the Fiesta for two consecutive years now. The Fiesta has many benefits such as funds raised (from wider community), school & community promotion. However, to continue it also needs our families and community to support this event. How often do you think the school should hold a Fiesta/event of this size?
Are you and your family keen to support the next Fiesta? You can select more than one box.
Did you find our Fiesta affordable for your family fun day out? And good value for money?
If you thought the Fiesta was not affordable, what did you feel was too expensive?
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Did you and you family enjoy your time at our Fiesta, and are you likely to recommend a future Fiesta to others? Please indicate below
If you are part of our school community, did you have involvement with the planning of the Fiesta?
We are a very small team of 9 parents, and would love more support, this could be an hour per month in the evening or more if you are able. This is a great opportunity to meet new families at our school and have input on shaping the fundraising opportunities. If you are interested to find out more please leave your email address for us below.
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Do you have any other feedback related to the Fiesta? Please supply your email address if you would like us to respond.
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