Shiloh 2019 Registration - European Delegates to Canaanland
Please complete the registration form below. This form is to be completed by delegates that are 16 years and above. Each delegate in this category should complete a form individually and not together.


The information requested in this form will be used for Shiloh registration purposes only - Visit the privacy section on our website: to find out how we use your data. By completing this form, you consent to this data provided to be used for the above stated purposes only.
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Important Information for European Delegates
1. The National Shiloh 2019 Planning Committee will be responsible for all operations for UK Delegates.

2. Representatives of The National Shiloh 2019 Planning Committee will be on ground at Canaanland, Otta, Africa from Monday 2nd December 2019. Any delegate planning to arrive earlier than this date should please make alternative arrangements.

3. Pickup of delegates from the Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos will commence on Sunday 1st of December 2019. Please note that only delegates who have provided their travel itinerary will be picked up.

4. Accommodation for delegates in Canaanland will be available from 5 pm on Monday 2nd December 2019. Only delegates who have booked through the committee for accommodation will be attended to.

5. Any delegate who arrives after the commencement of the programme should report to the protocol stand where they will be directed to members of the committee. Please note that no member of the committee will be able to attend to any delegate during service times. Any delegates wishing to leave outside these dates should please make alternative arrangement.

6. Delegates requiring visas to Nigeria should please visit the website of the Nigerian High Commission in their respective locations or check online on for Visas and immigration information. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR VISA TO NIGERIA. Letter of invitation can be collected from the church administration team if you have indicated on form that you need a visa to travel to Nigeria.

7. Delegates will be not provided with food. There will be transportation from/to Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos and also local transport within Canaanland for services.

8. Delegates can carry out foreign exchange independently.

9. Important contact numbers in Nigeria:
(a) Deaconess Femi +234(0)8168013386

10. A list of basic items that delegates will require for a comfortable stay during the programme is attached. Please come with only what you need. Avoid bringing precious and valuable items.
List of Important Items to Consider
1. Bedding (for single or double bed) - blankets, bed-sheet
2. Light decent clothing because of the weather
3. Medical prescription if on any medication
4. Contact for next of kin
5. Provision for portable water which are available for purchase in Canaan Land
6. Provision to buy food. Self-catering is not allowed in the accommodation.
7. Hats to shield from the sun
8. Insecticides and insect repellents
9. Toiletries (including wet wipes, Toilet rolls, hand sanitizer, etc)
10. Hand fans
11. Face flannels
12. Snacks, Mint, Other hygiene items
13. Sun protection Cream/Lotion (SPF 30 minimum)
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