Sign Up for March Madness at Grace!
It's March Madness at Grace! We are playing our brackets for a good cause - the donations of $20 per bracket will go to a fund for I.T. improvements at the church, especially a new copier. However for the winner of the pool at the end of the NCAA Tournament, the Vicar Greg and his husband Andrew will host a very special wine-tasting party at the Vicarage this summer. For those who prefer a non-alcoholic event, the winner may opt for a BBQ at the Vicarage instead.
Do you wish to participate in March Madness? *
If you win, would you prefer the wine tasting party, or the BBQ at the Vicarage?
How many brackets would you like to create? ($20 per bracket, unlimited)
Do you have access to email and the internet, as the bracket management will happen through a third-party organization (most likely ESPN Bracket Challenge). *
We will get back in touch with you as soon as the brackets are announced. Remember that they will be due by Wednesday at 11:59pm (*Subject to change). For any questions or clarifications or how to play, please contact
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