#LibRev Slack Interest Form
Hello—welcome to the #LibRev Slack interest form. If you'd like to join our private Slack space, you're in the right place.

This form is for people who work in libraries or archives—and, of course, for people whose employment in libraries or archives has changed due to the pandemic.

Please note that the Slack moderators will delete your responses after you've been successfully added. We don't have any interest in keeping your private info.
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Our space is for people who work in a library or archive, who have had their employment in a library or archive has changed due to the pandemic, or who are enrolled in a library and information science program. How are you associated with work in libraries and archives? *
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Please provide a personal email address you'd like associated with our Slack. We strongly prefer that you do not use an email from your institution, place of employment, school, etc. *
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