The future of Glenfield Rovers
In this survey, the club hopes to better understand what you, as a member or supporter, wants from your club.
From the club, what is the most important thing to you? *
How important is the clubs identity and history? *
Not important at all, I just want to play football
The most important thing, I will only play at Glenfield Rovers
What does 'success' for the club mean to you? *
What level's do you want the club to compete at? *
Is it important for the club to compete at every age group, having a full pathway for all players? *
Are the clubs facilities important to you? *
Would you be willing to pay more in the future for better services, coaching, support and facilities? *
What type of football club do you want to be associated with? *
Would you be interested in any other types of football under the club umbrella? *
Would you be open to the club changing, to provide better opportunities, be a self sustainable business and be a top-5 club in Auckland? *
Would you be open to a merger with another club? *
Thank you for your time, please offer any further comments or suggestions here
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