North Carolina's Candid Critters Site Description Form
This form should be filled out for EACH place you set your camera. Please use the following guidelines to choose an appropriate site:

1. Each 1/2 acre of land can have ONE camera site
2. Do not survey the same location multiple times
3. Space new camera sites at least 200 meters (about 650 FEET) apart
4. No high human/car traffic areas please
5. Obtain the appropriate permissions if you are setting your camera outside of your own land

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LATITUDE of this site (in this format please: 36.8465) *
You can use this link to get coordinates by clicking an online map: Please Zoom In as far as possible!
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LONGITUDE of this site (in this format please: -81.8465) *
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Is the property fenced? *
Is hunting or trapping allowed on the property? *
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Do you know of any purposeful wildlife feeding within sight (~100 feet of you and/or your immediate neighbors). *
Do you know of any accidental wildlife food within sight (~100 feet from you and your immediate neighbors)? *
Do you have any outside pets/livestock using this site? Check all that apply. *
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