Cam Co Project - Sense of Community Value Survey
Cameron County Residents said, "We value the Sense of Community created by our people, scenic, close-knit communities, and slower pace of life that make Cameron County so unique.
• We cherish the people in Cameron County who are kind and friendly, hardworking individuals who make our communities feel safe and welcoming and make their neighbors feel known, secure and supported.
• We revere the community spirit felt between residents in Cameron County where everyone knows each other and comes together with a willingness to help one another in times of need.
• We treasure the slow pace, quiet nature, small town feel of Cameron County’s communities, where the tree lined streets, our county’s rich history, and the blending of each of our communities into nature inspires a familiar feeling a home."

What does that feeling look like, in real life? How important is it? People described pride in their town and neighborhood, the people that live here, and whether northern tier, or southern tier -- sense of community was an undeniable shared value. Tell us your thoughts and ideas below.

Thank you for your time and ideas.
How important is Cameron County's Sense of Community to you? *
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Does Cameron County value a Sense of Community More or Less than 10 years ago? *
What changes have you noticed? *
What should Cam Co's Sense of Community look or feel like in the years to come? (Be specific if you have ideas for change, highlights of things done right, or concerns left unaddressed. If you have an Action idea -- state it.) *
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