King School 2017 Science Olympiad Signup
WELCOME to the 2017 King School Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad registration survey! Please read CAREFULLY as there is a lot of information on this page!

The 15th Annual Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad (WESO) tournament will be held at Pioneer High School on Jun 3, 2017.

***We expect a large number of students will sign up for Science Olympiad this year. Approximately 130 children from King Elementary (25 - 35 per grade) are able to attend the county wide tournament. The benefit to Science Olympiad is in the practices, so we do not limit registration. Please be aware that all children that practice may NOT be able to attend the tournament or compete in their favorite event.***

Preference is based on a point system on the following criteria:
- Registration prior to online registration deadline ( Jan 21st, 2017)
- Child of coach or key volunteer (Parent/Guardian/Relative)
- Parent/Guardian turning in paperwork/forms by due dates (paper work will be sent out after registration).
- Coach recommendations/rankings based on attendance, knowledge, participation, behavior, teamwork, etc.
- 3rd, 4th, 5th grade child that has not participated in WESO Tournament before (all 2nd graders are new)
- Parent/Guardian/Relative volunteer participation in some capacity during the Science Olympiad season

Volunteering is MANDATORY if your child participates in Science Olympiad. Key volunteers' children get preference for a spot on the team for the tournament. If your child is selected to represent King School in the WESO tournament, you will be REQUIRED to volunteer on the day of the event if you haven't already volunteered.

If you have more than one kids to sign, please do this signup one at a time (sorry for the inconvenience)

To view the practice schedule go to:

If you have any QUESTIONS about Science Olympiad, feel free to contact one of the Head Coaches at

I have read the above description and volunteer requirement *
If you have signed your child/children already and want to make change, please STOP here, and contact us by email( If you want to see the practice schedule go to: *
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