2021 LRIG-New England Marsha Paul Education Grant Application
The Laboratory Robotics Interest Group of New England (LRIG-NE) is providing up to $2,000 will be awarded to those science, technology, engineering, and math teachers in secondary schools throughout New England who best meet the criteria below. The objective of these grants is to provide funds to expand project-based activities in educational settings. To learn more about the LRIG-NE please visit us at http://new-england.lrig.org.

• Applicants must be school teachers in New England, teaching in grades 8-12.
• Each applicant is required to submit a complete proposal outlined below.
• Agreement to present a summary of a successful project at a LRIG-NE meeting

Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:
The degree of scientific and technology concepts introduced
• The perceived ability of the program to enhance students learning of scientific and technical concepts
• The breadth of the student population impacted
• Quality and thoughtfulness of the written proposal
• Example project areas: Arduino/Raspberry Pi, automated hydroponics, weather station, fitness tracking

As an alternative to filling out the form below, you may download a Word copy of the application at:
and send the completed form to:

Email: steve.fillers@outlook.com

Mail: LRIG-NE Education Grant
W. Steven Fillers, Ph.D.
41 Christopher Drive
Grafton, MA 01519

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Detailed Plan
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