Fruits Fashion Entry Form
Application to enter into TasPop North's Fruits Fashion competition. Do not use this for queries - instead refer to our website and the competition's page, or send us an Email at
Name/Alias: *
What you would prefer to be announced by. For ease of the host choose only one name.
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This will be used by TasPop to contact you in regards to the success of your application.
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What your outfit is summarised as.
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Under 15s may not be eligible for prizes deemed not suitable for the age bracket.
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Which areas you would like to be judged in. Everyone is entered into Best Overall.
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Information to be read out during your catwalk.
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Other information or requests.
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Tagging photos (optional)
When you compete there is a chance photos will be taken by TasPop. Please list below your name/alias and the social media source so we can tag them directly to your account. (I.e Twitter handle or Tumblr account)
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