Excellence in Family Business Award Application
Selection Criteria:
-Multi-generational: At least two generations are currently working in the business, or business has already transitioned from one generation to another within the family.
-Contributions to community: are made through leadership roles, volunteer service, and/or financial support.
-Character: Integrity and honesty describe business in relationships with employees and customers.
-Employees: Genuine caring for the personal well-being of employees, recognizing their contributions to the success of the business.
-Success: Proven success and growth of the family business since its founding.
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Company Information
Today's date
Company name
Company address
Company telephone number
Company website
Year founded
Number of employees
Principal owners
Principal product or service
Business contact person regarding this award and their contact information
Please list family members involved in the business and what generation(s) they are.
What generations are actively involved in the company at present?
Which generation currently leads the company?
Brief overview of company growth since inception
Number of FTEs when founded
Number of FTEs today
Number of family members in the business, including board of directors, at the company's founding
Number of family members in the business, including board of directors, at the company currently
Number of locations at the start of company
Number of locations at the company currently
Revenue during founding year (if comfortable sharing)
Current revenues (if comfortable sharing)
Selection Criteria Questions
Highlight your family's contributions to the community.
Give examples of company pride, caring for your employees, and/or recognizing employee contributions to your business.
Integrity and honest business practices: What sets your business apart?
What is the biggest challenge your business has experienced over the years?
What is the biggest success your business has experienced over the years?
Tell us what your family business is currently doing to improve your chances of succession to the next generation. Check all that apply.
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