PTO Nominations DUE BY APRIL 26
If you are interested in nominating yourself for the PTO board for next school year please fill out this form by April 26.

Job Descriptions:

What are the Positions on the Executive Board?
The offices and description of responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
President/ Co-President 1- 2 volunteers
o Preside at all meetings of the organization and of the Executive Board. Organize
meetings and prepare an agenda.
o Be a member ex-officio of all committees except the nominating committee.
o Coordinate the work of all the officers and committees of the organization in
order to promote the objectives.
o Act as signatory on checks in the event the treasurer is unable to do so.
o Propose PTO Budget and Calendar for current school year
o Maintain office supplies and copier
o Participate in most/all PTO Functions

PTO Council Representative 1st vice president 1- 2 volunteers
o Attend All Norwalk PTO Council Meetings as Brookside’s representative.
o Attend all monthly Brookside Executive Board meetings.
o Provide Monthly report to PTO President(s).
o Perform the duties of the president in the absence or inability of that officer to act.

Volunteer Coordinator 2nd vice president 1-2 volunteers
o Organize and run Volunteer Information Night in fall and spring
o Design and maintain volunteer database for current school year.
o Provide Chairs with budget information, timeline and volunteer information.
o Provide ongoing volunteer support/recruitment for the various committees
throughout the year.
o Attend PTO Executive Board Meeting once a month.
o Provide monthly report to PTO President(s).

Fundraising Coordinator 3rd vice president 2-3 volunteers
o Organize and run Fall and Spring Fundraisers
o Assist with additional fundraising efforts as needed.
o Attend monthly PTO Executive Board meetings
o Provide monthly report to PTO president(s)

Bi-lingual Liaison 4th vice president
o Act as Liaison between the PTO and the bilingual community.
o Coordinate translation of all necessary notices for distribution to Brookside
o Translate at appropriate meetings when necessary

o Write checks to appropriate companies/individuals when you have received a
check request form.
o Deposit money/checks received by PTO for various events
o Provide a monthly report of account status and activity
o Communicate with Presidents about any discrepancies with decided Budgets.
o Prepare information for tax filing and coordinate that process with the tax
accountant for the previous fiscal year.
o Attend monthly PTO Executive Board meeting

Recording secretary (1 volunteer)
o Attend Monthly PTO Executive Board Meetings
o Record the minutes for the meeting
o Provide a monthly report of recorded minutes
o Assist with managing the group files, email system
o Assist with management of the monthly newsletter

Corresponding secretary (1-2 volunteers)
o Purchase Cards and gifts for teachers/staff on behalf of the PTO for occasions
such as – engagement, sympathy, new baby, wedding, illness, holidays, end of
year, etc.)
o Give card/gift to the appropriate teacher/staff member
o Attend monthly PTO Executive Board Meeting
o Provide a monthly report to the PTO President(s)

Teacher Representatives ( 2 or 3 volunteers)
o Attend monthly PTO Executive Board meeting
o Provide monthly report to PTO President(s)
o Act as Liaison between teachers and PTO members

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