Rainbow's Plushies! Commission Form
Hello! Thank-you for your interest in my dolls! Please try to fill this form out with as much detail as possible so I'm able to give you a proper quote.
(If you have any additional questions not answered below then please e-mail me at rainbowsplushies@gmail.com)

I have three style of dolls that have a base range in price. My flop dolls typically range around $200-250+, my hanging rag dolls $150-200+, and Mini Fluff Plush/Kigurumi $100-150+ not including shipping. The price varies depending on complexity, materials and time estimated to be spent on the doll.

I also do custom dolls. However I'm currently not taking request for these. With this option I'm able to design any pattern you like (as long as it's humanoid) and in any size but I will NOT recreate any other plush artist's design or pattern so please do not ask.

My prices never go below $100 even for the smallest of dolls. If my prices seem too high and you get a sudden urge to let me know,.....don't. I'm more than happy to set up a payment plan. Making dolls is my greatest joy and I put a lot of hard work and love into making each and every one. Thank-you for understanding and wanting to commission me! I look forward to reading everyone's forms! ♥
Which doll style would you like? *
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Please specify if it's an OC (original character) or a real life person. Ex. "Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh!"
Example of Flop dolls ✧ 10"-11" inches ✧ $200-250+
Example of Hanging Dolls ✧ 9"-10" inches ✧ $100-150+
Example of Mini Fluff Plush ✧ 5"-7" inches ✧ $100-150+
(Flop doll & Mini Fluff plush/Kigu) Which Default face eye Shape? Please type letter and number!
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Variant of the "default" faces extras?
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Full body/back/outfits/face details etc,.
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