Feedback Form – HoNCAB Findings and Recommendations
This questionnaire is intended to collect different stakeholders' feedback on HoNCAB Findings and Recommendations. Your feedback is very important to us to evaluate the usefulness of the project recommendations.
Please, let us know the name of your organization and that of your Country of affiliation *
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1. Did the HoNCAB findings helped you better understand the cross-border phenomenon? *
2. How do you rate the overall quality of HoNCAB Recommendations? *
3. Please tell us to what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “HoNCAB Recommendations should be taken into account for future policy developments at EU level in the area of cross-border healthcare”. *
4. Do you think that HoNCAB Recommendations should be implemented in your Member State/Region? *
5. Would your organization consider implementing HoNCAB Recommendations in the future? *
7. If you are interested, please give us a contact so that we can keep you informed on relevant future activities of the HoNCAB Network
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6. (Please answer this question in case you represent an European hospital) Does your organization plan or could be interested to join the HoNCAB Network in the future?
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