Graveweaver's Inquiry Form
If you have any kind of work inquiry for Graveweaver, please submit through this form. She takes both artwork and writing inquiries. 

Please be as clear and detailed as possible- Only serious submissions will be forwarded to Graveweaver for review. Large scale projects will be forwarded to her agent.

Current Status: Very busy, but open to interesting or well-paid projects with a flexible timeline.
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Is this request from an individual or a company? *
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Is this a commercial or personal inquiry? *
Commercial inquires are for anything you intend to mass distribute, profit off of, use to market, or any other commercial use. EG: Logos for your business, artwork for fliers, merchandise designs, vtuber models, character designs for commercial purposes, writing for a visual novel game, etc.

Personal inquiries are things that will not be sold, redistributed, or branded in any way. EG: A poster for your own home, an avatar for your social media (that will not be sold on merchandise), art of your character to show your friends and followers (but not sell or redistribute[fliers, website banner, etc] in any capacity), art of your dungeons and dragons character for a homebrew campaign with your friends, etc.
If commercial, how many copies do you expect to be sold/distributed? 
Commercial projects with a lower budget will be considered as long as they are low in distribution.
Details of Inquiry *
Please be thorough in your proposal. Do you want art, writing, or something else entirely? If you want art, what do you want drawn? A keychain design? A fullbody art piece? If you want a picture, do you have a design for this character already, or will Graveweaver need to design the character? What is the timeline for your project? Will this need to be a rush job (under 1 month from start to finish?) And any other details.

If art related, linking to something Graveweaver has already done will help
Your budget for this project *
I understand that filling out this form is only an inquiry and there is no obligation from Graveweaver to pursue said project. I understand that Graveweaver is very busy already, and that this form is simply to see if your project happens to catch her eye. I understand that if I do not receive a reply within 7 business days, my proposal has been rejected, as we get many proposals and do not have time to reply to each one. I understand that I will likely not receive a written reason as to why my project was turned down.  *
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