Shorties and Forties - Guild Application
All applicants should keep in mind we are an 18+ guild and you are expected to be mature and responsible. Occasional to frequent use of crude language and humor in discord is likely. However, racism, sexism, or discrimination of any kind towards guild members and others is not tolerated.

Thanks for taking the time to apply, hope to see you in game soon!
Raiding Expectations
Research optimal specs/playstyles for your class & SIM your character regularly to optimize your effectiveness.
Have the correct gems, enchants, stat priority on your gear & proper legendries equipped.
Have a knowledge of all boss mechanics & watch required videos ahead of raid time.
Be ready to go before raid time, invites go out 15-20 minutes before hand.
Be in discord for the entire raid duration(you don't have to talk).
Bring all consumables(food, flasks, pots, etc.). We will drop feasts, but not always.
90% raid attendance(unless applying for a back-up position), communicate necessary absences ahead of time.
Required Addons
Deadly Boss Mods (preferred) or Big Wigs
Weak Auras (when mythic progression starts)
Can you meet these expectations and have the required addons? *
What is your discord user name? (this is our primary means of communication with applicants) *
Armory & Warcraft logs links: *
Class/main spec *
Do you play any other specs/are you able to switch if needed? *
How long have you played this character? *
Covenant? *
Are you willing to realm/faction transfer if applicable? *
Previous raid accomplishments (Yogg 0 light/CE/AOTC/etc.) and prior raid experience: *
Are you available Tue/Thur 7-10 EST? *
Are you a rager? *
Other information you would like considered:
Where did you hear about us? *
Dota 2 or League of Legends?
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You finished the application for Shorties and Forties!
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