ARAC 2019 Needs Assessment Survey
Every two to four years, the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council conducts a needs assessment to help determine its programming for the future. The state asks us to get input from the arts community and the arts-involved public so we can assess and prioritize needs.
1.) What are the top priorities for artists and arts organizations in your community and how could ARAC support those individuals and groups? *
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2.) Are there types of grant funding that you wish was available in the region for the arts that is not currently available? What would those grants fund? *
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3.) What other services do you think ARAC should prioritize in the next two to four years? *
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4.) Many artists have suggested they would like more access to workshops and/or classes related to the business of doing art, such as how to market yourself, how to price your work, legal issues, and funding your career. Please rank these in order of your preference with 1 being the choice you are most interested in. *
A formal multi-session class on the business of art
Occasional workshops each dealing with one topic in the business of art
A consultant available to work one-on-one with artists
Regionally-based groups that meet informally to discuss these issues
5.) Many artists have suggested they would like more opportunities to network and learn from other artists. Would you be more interested in (choose all that apply): *
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