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The Glamour Body Studio is the newest medical spa to Charleston, specializing in body sculpting services, waxing, skin care services, and so much more! We are passionate about helping men and women become more confident in themselves, physically and mentally, while giving them a thorough pampering experience. With becoming a brand ambassador, you are assisting us in spreading this message to the public in the most engaging and fun ways possible! You are apart of our team, and apart of helping us reach our goals!

Monthly benefits to being a brand ambassador:
- The satisfaction of being apart of a budding new business in Charleston!
- A free T-Shirt, water bottle, and waist trainer when initially joining!
- Free entry to all of our events at the spa
- Two free detox sauna blanket treatments & a free cavitation treatment per month.

To receive all of these wonderful benefits, all that we ask of you is:
- Must share at least 5 DIFFERENT posts from the Glamour Body Studio Facebook or Instagram pages every week
- Must post 2 DIFFERENT personalized posts about The Glamour Body Studio on their Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram every week
- Must attend & post about two events every month
- Must refer or bring in 2-5 clients a month
- Must check in at The Glamour Body Studio, whenever receiving services or stopping by
- Must attend the monthly Brand Ambassador meetings

If you have questions about any of the benefits or requirements, please contact us at 843-343-1237 or email
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