Dr. Signature Page Endorsing Vaccinations
We the undersigned Doctors who faithfully serve the Orthodox Jewish communities of North America strongly urge all members of our community to receive all recommended vaccinations.

Our unequivocal recommendations are based upon exhaustive research and supporting data from years of studies on hundreds of thousands of patients. These studies have found that routine childhood vaccinations, when following the recommended schedules are safe.

Immunizations are critical to maintain a healthy community and we strongly urge everyone to be immunized according to the age appropriate schedules recommended by the CDC, so that each of us protects ourselves and each other to the greatest extent possible. This includes the immunization of not only children, but pregnant women, healthy adults and senior citizens.

‎We are aware of the dangerous misinformation campaign being spread and reject any unproven unscientific statements that contradict all available current science-based studies on vaccinations.

It is an individual and communal responsibility to work together in the effort to prevent harmful diseases from spreading.
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