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In mid-March 2020, the Massachusetts Public Health Association (MPHA) convened the (Emergency) Task Force on Coronavirus & Equity to very quickly identify four immediate policy priorities with as much input from partners as possible. We have made significant progress on some while others still need action and attention.

We know there are more needs for policy action and we want to move forward--together--with as many partner organizations as possible to advance equity during this crisis. When we can act together, we have more power to influence change.

To be transparent, effective, and efficient over the next couple of months during the acute phase and the immediate aftermath of the outbreak, we need to establish a clear decision-making process and structure for the Task Force. We plan to hold Equity Task Force meetings on a bi-weekly basis (Thursdays at 11am) for the next couple of months. In addition, the Equitable Reopening Action Team and Progressive Revenue Action team meets weekly to actively monitor the status of recommendations, think through any changes in strategy or messaging, and to consider new/additional needs for action by the Equity Task Force. Any new policy recommendations will be brought to the full Equity Task Force membership for a vote, in order to ensure that there is broad enough support to take a position as a group.

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