D3 Hot Backup Pre Webinar Survey
Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Earthquakes. Fires. Floods. Terrorist attacks. Cyberattacks. You know any of these could happen to your business at any time. And you've probably got a disaster recovery (DR) plan in place to protect your enterprise's data, employees and business. But how thorough is your DR plan? When was it last updated and tested? Have you taken into account new technologies and services that can make it easier to recover from a disaster?

We want to hear from you. Please take a moment and fill this quick pre-webinar survey and let us know your thoughts (your answers will be anonymous).

Have you ever lost data due to a disaster?
If you did lose data because of a disaster how long did it take to fully recover?
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Does your business have a business continuity or disaster recovery plan?
Do you store a backup copy offsite, if so, where is your copy stored? *
When was the last time you fully tested your disaster recovery plan?
Any additional comments regarding the webinar or questions about D3 Hot Backup you would like answered?
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