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overseas orders are handled by DRN by deputy
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Preorder for new items till June 18
mid July shipping , please check here details :3 Pillow cover 12600yen , poster 1300yen , tapestry 3000yen
1 pc
2 pc
3 pc
4 pc
5 pc
msg-001 madoka dakimakura pillow cover①naked+no semen
msg-002 madoka dakimakura pillow cover②naked+semen
msg-003 madoka dakimakura pillow cover③cossie+no semen
msg-004 madoka dakimakura pillow cover④cossie+semen
msg-005 madoka dakimakura pillow cover⑤cling-wea+no semen
msg-006 madoka dakimakura pillow cover⑥cling-wea+semen
msg-007 nanako dakimakura pillow cover①naked+no semen
msg-008 nanako dakimakura pillow cover②naked+semen
msg-009 nanako dakimakura pillow cover③cossie+no semen
msg-010 nanako dakimakura pillow cover④cossie+semen
msg-011 nanako dakimakura pillow cover⑤sexy clothes+no semen
msg-012 nanako dakimakura pillow cover⑥sexy clothes+semen
msg-013 Murai Rinko dakimakura pillow cover no semenバージョン
msg-014 Murai Rinko dakimakura pillow cover semenバージョン
msg-015 madoka dakimakura pillow cover⑦Manya1+no semen
msg-016 madoka dakimakura pillow cover⑧Manya1+semen
msg-017 madoka dakimakura pillow cover⑨Manya2+no semen
msg-018 madoka dakimakura pillow cover⑩Manya2+semen
msg-020 madoka&nanako B2 poster for bath
msg-021 Yura dakimakura pillow cover①naked normal
msg-022 Yura dakimakura pillow cover②naked lust-filled facial expression
msg-023 Yura dakimakura pillow cover③comic clothes +normal
msg-024 Yura dakimakura pillow cover④comic clothes + lust-filled facial expression
msg-025 Yura dakimakura pillow cover⑤sling bunny normal
msg-026 Yura dakimakura pillow cover⑥sling bunny lust-filled facial expression
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