Introspect: Survey
You are invited to take part in a research study on mitigating the emotional challenges facing nurses. This research is looking at perceptions and adoption issues of technology in order to design a solution for nurses.

Introspect is a mobile app that encourages nurses to independently engage in self-care practices. We are hoping to help nurses and would love your input to shape Introspect. Watch the concept video below to find out how the app works.

This study is being carried out by the following researchers: Natalia Gulbransen-Diaz and Yanyi Feng from the Design Lab at the University of Sydney, Australia. The project is being supervised by Professor Cara Wrigley, Lecturer Erez Nusem, and Lecturer Karla Straker.

This following survey is expected to take approximately 10 minutes and all of your responses will remain anonymous. If you would like more information regarding this research project, please feel free to contact us at

Video link:
Concept Video
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