Blackall Grazing BMP Workshop: 1-2 August.
This booking form collects your registration details, as well as some additional information we need to prepare the computer you will be using to complete the best management practice modules on the day.

We really appreciate you taking the 5 minutes to do this as it will save approximately 30 to 45 minutes on the day.

Note: Your email address will be used as your username for your profile on the Grazing BMP website.

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Please enter the first names, separated by commas, of any additional people coming under this registration i.e. from the same grazing enterprise (essential for catering).
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In case we need to contact you beforehand.
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Property name
Your property of residence, the one you'll be doing the BMP assessment on.
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Only the property you'll be doing the BMP assessment on.
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For the property you'll be doing the BMP assessment on.
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Total area managed (hectares)
Total area, in hectares, of all properties owned by your enterprise (this is a reportable for our funders and helps to secure future funding for similar initiatives).
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Stock numbers
The average season stock numbers (cattle and/or sheep) carried for the area entered in the previous question (this will help us justify future funding applications).
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Dietary requirements
Please list any allergies, intolerances or special dietary needs such as vegetarian or coeliac. If none, please enter 'N'.
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