STEAM Magnet Community Feedback
Please help us design the new magnet school for Mendez Middle School. The magnet will have a theme of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. These five areas of study will be integrated across content areas and will involve cross-curricular projects for students. The Magnet Steering Committee has worked with parents, teachers, administrators, business and community members to identify program elements for the STEAM Magnet. Please answer the questions and give us your feedback on the new magnet school.
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Are you a parent, teacher, Mendez student, or interested community member? Let us know how you are connected to Mendez Middle School.
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The magnet program will have elective classes open to every student who attends Mendez. *
The magnet courses will utilize a teaching method called Problem-Based Learning (PBL) *
PBL is an instructional method where students solve problems that are real-world. In order to solve the problem, students must research, design solutions, and present their work and products to an audience - their classmates, professionals and others.
Mendez Middle School will offer Dual Language options to all students, including the magnet students *
Dual Language in MS requires that students attended a Dual Language program at elementary school in grades K-5, or take a placement test to be eligible to take Spanish for Native Speakers starting in 6th grade along with a core class taught in Spanish and an elective taught in Spanish (usually P.E.).
Field experiences tied to the magnet theme of STEAM will be offered to students once per semester (two times per school year) and will focus on college and career readiness *
Internships tied to the magnet theme of STEAM will be offered to 8th graders *
The magnet program will offer an extended school day with programs for academic learning around the theme of STEAM (occurs after school and is staffed by vendors and teachers). *
Students who attend the Mendez STEAM Magnet will be provided transportation to and from the campus by school bus. The Steering Committee would like to request that Mendez students would also have transportation provided by school bus (even if they live within the 2.5 mile area where transportation is not typically provided.) *
Mentors, industry professionals, and guest speakers provided for the STEAM Magnet program will be available to any student. *
Teachers at Mendez will be blended- they will teach both magnet and non-magnet classes *
Students in the STEAM Magnet program will be required to enter at least one competition per year, or give a presentation at least once per year *
Mendez STEAM Magnet will continue to operate as a community school and have community partners who provide services. *
Students at Mendez STEAM Magnet will be required to do subject specific reading and academic writing related to the five areas of study (science, technology, engineering, arts and math). *
Students at Mendez will have access to advanced coursework that leads to high school credits at 7th and 8th grade (such as Geometry, Algebra 1, AP Spanish for Spanish Speakers). Students in 6th grade can earn high school credit for Spanish. *
Are there any other program elements you would like to see considered for addition to the STEAM Magnet program?
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Are there specific STEAM courses that you would like students to be able to take?
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Is there any other information you would like the committee to consider in planning for the STEAM Magnet?
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