Nachtlicht-BüHNE OUTDOOR LAMPS - How can we classify & quantify them - Questionnaire
We are developing together with citizen science a new experiment in which participants will undertake lighting inventories, in order to better understand what types of light sources are responsible for light pollution. In this first phase, we are asking people from around the world to help us understand what types of light sources are out there and how we could put them into groups, so that we can develop sensible categories for the app we will develop.

The deadline for participation in this phase is September 15, 2019.

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Our first question: which types of lamps are out there?
We've thought of streetlamps, lit windows, advertising, lit facades, and a number of others. We need an exhaustive list, and we need to figure out how best to categorize them.

Other questions are what types of characteristics about the lamps do we want to record? For example, should we record the light color? Should we record whether the lamp emits light upward or not? And for facade and window lighting, how can we deal with the various sizes and brightness?

There's surely other things that we haven't thought of, and that's where you come in.
Let's take to the streets, and gain experience!
First, choose a street segment that you would like to examine. Maybe it's a street near your house, or a commercial area nearby, or an industrial area that has public street access. You decide.

Please take a look at the rest of the form before you go out, so that you have an idea about how we are asking you to report the data.
Data reporting
The information we need are the geolocation of your start and end point, the time you started and finished, your lamp categories, and how many lamps you observed in each category. We're also interested in any ideas you have about how we could transition to an app, and any challenges you see.

Below we describe how to get location information from Google maps (, but you can use any map server or your own GPS if you prefer.
Location of your street segment
Please tell us the starting and ending coordinates of your street segment. (That is, the GPS coordinates. Technically they should be in WGS84 EPSG:4326, which is what most people are used to using and what you find in Google maps.)

Starting coordinate:
52.379656, 13.065882

End coordinate:
52.380483, 13.065903

If you live in the Western or Southern hemisphere, be sure to either use a negative number or specify using. For example: 12.34567S, 8.765432W

To get data from Google maps, see the example below. Click and hold the left mouse button on your starting location for a few seconds, and when you let go, it should show you the coordinates as in the example below. If you click on the coordinate link, it will fill in on the search box, and you can copy and paste it below.
Example for getting location with Google maps
Starting coordinate (eg. 52.379656, 13.065882) *
Your answer
Ending coordinate (eg. 52.379656, 13.065882) *
Your answer
How many minutes did you need? *
Your answer
Lamp categories and numbers, and if necessary characteristics
Let us know how you've categorized your lamps and how many of each type you counted.

Streetlights: 21
Illuminated windows: 40
Traffic lights: 2
Porch lights: 12
Insert your results here: *
Your answer
In this section, provide any thoughts you have regarding the project.

Please DO NOT include any personally identifying information (eg. name or email address). Any personal information submitted will be deleted. Contact details are below.
Things we need to do regarding recording positions (start and end points)
Your answer
Things that we haven't thought of so far:
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Anything else you want to tell us:
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If you would like to contact us regarding the project or your thoughts, please send an email to:
Thank you for taking part in this first phase of the experiment!
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