Survey for Landlords and Agents

The UK Government is conducting a pilot scheme in the West Midlands asking landlords in the private sector to conduct immigration checks.

Movement Against Xenophobia has initiated a coalition that has come together to design a joint survey to monitor the government’s scheme and to assess the impact on tenants and landlords.

These questions are for all landlords and agents in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Sandwell and Walsall who have let or sublet a property or sought a lodger since 1st December 2014, or continue to do so under a new agreement.

All emails and questionnaire responses will be completely confidential and your responses will not be stored beyond the evaluation.

If you would prefer to assist with this survey over the phone, please leave your number and we will arrange for someone to call you back. Alternatively we can send you a paper version of the survey by post.

For more information please see the website or email

Postal surveys should be sent to:

Pilot Administrator
115 Old St
London, EC1V 9RT
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