Cuba Immersion Trip Registration Form with Bella Vita Dance Studio

Contact us at:
US: (617) 286-2943
CA: (514) 791-1378

DATES: January 25th to February 1st, 2019
PLACE: Havana, Cuba
PRICE: $2,500 to $2,900

Early Bird Special: $2,500 if register by October 21st
Early Bird Regular: $2,700 if register by November 16th
Regular price $2,900 if register by December 1st
(registration not available after December 1st)

Includes: Flight, visa, meals, accommodations (double occupancy at Casas Particulares), dance classes, ground transportation between places (can be between buses, local cars, taxis and they are all for the group activities)
Does not include: Travel insurance, gratuities, your own consumptions, some entrance (this will be indicated in the program)

Additional: If you prefer there are options for you to request private room, private dance lessons and extend your stay.

(This trip is a collaboration between Bella Vita Dance Studio and Cuba Immersion)
We hope to see you in Cuba!

(Programs organized and designed by Maylena Chaviano)

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We will always try to accommodate you the best that we can but participants are responsible for inspecting their own meals, as well as for their individual dietary restrictions. Select any restriction you may have.
Please let us know what type of allergies you have and/or if you wish to add something about dietary restrictions
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Accommodations (Rooming) *
We are staying in the homes of Cuban families, also known as "casas particulares". Please provide your preference regarding rooming. Even though we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide you with what you ask, we will try our best to do so.
Please write the name of your roommate, if applicable
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Accommodations (Other)
So far our trips have been done in Casas Particulares but we wanted to add this session as a solution to some of your questions. This is a way for us to know if we have more people in the group who prefer to stay at hotels or villas style homes.
Trip Requirements *
This is not a regular touristic trip! You will experience Authentic Cuban life-- the island's magic as well as its hardships and everyday nuances that Cubans experience. Please check all applicable boxes. As a Cuba Immersion participant, please have:
Payment Info:
We collect 25% at the time of registration non refundable and the remaining 30 days before the trip. We will contact you after you submit your application to confirm and/or collect payments.
The prices bellow include flights, visa, program that complies with both USA and Cuba regulations, accommodations (at Casas Particulares), meals (except when eating out), ground transportation and airport transfers, classes, outings and cultural activities that are part of the program.
Does not include: individual purchases, tours outside of the program, travel insurance and gratuities for the Cuban staff.

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Add Ons
Since American cards are still not working in Cuba, which limits the cash available to our participants, we are now offering you a way to pre-order some of the things you might be interested in such us a private lesson, 1-on-1 coaching, massage and/or your own private room. Please let us know if you would like more information about:
I understand that *
I need to be flexible and understanding about any changes to the itinerary. I commit to all payments. In order to have legal status to enter Cuba, I will need to fill out other legal forms (passport will be needed then).
Cuba Immersion
All our trips aim to help you experience Cuba from a local lens. You will be interacting with locals, staying at Cuban "casa particulares," (Cuban homes), and eating delicious home made Cuban food! Our trips are all-levels dance-intensive experiences that also have educational and cultural components.

Cuba Immersion is owned and directed by Maylena Chaviano, a native of Havana, Cuba; Maylena is passionate about sharing Cuba's magical culture and art with global guests, and creating meaningful relationships with folks from around the globe along the way!

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