Jacksonville Young Professional Awards
Biennually the Jacksonville Junior Chamber selects and recognizes Jacksonville’s Outstanding Young Professionals based upon several bases of criteria. Each honoree shall be awarded a distinguished trophy and certificate of achievement. This awards ceremony dramatizes each winner’s career in narrative form and provides a stage for the honorees to challenge and inspire the Jacksonville community.

Young men and women (under the age of 40) of all fields of endeavor may be nominated as an Outstanding Young Professionals of Jacksonville. One or more nominations may be submitted by an individual, organizations, associations, institution or any Junior Chamber chapter. Winners will be selected by a panel of judges and the winners will be notified prior to the ceremony. Outstanding Young Professionals of Jacksonville Honorees will be selected on the basis of achievement or contribution in any of three (3) of the following areas:

1. Personal Improvement or accomplishment
2. Financial success and economic innovation
3. Social improvement to major contemporary problems
4. Philanthropic contribution or voluntary service
5. Politics or government service
6. Scientific or technological contributions
7. Legal reform
8. Cultural achievement (to include contributions in literature, history, education or the arts)
9. Academic leadership or accomplishment
10. Moral and religious leadership
11. Athletic accomplishment
12. Success in the influence of public opinion (news media and other means)
13. Any other important contributions to community, state, or nation, at the discretion of the judges
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1) Outline (describe) the career of the nominee, including some background and the scope of the nominee’s work or activity.
2) Describe the nominee’s exceptional achievements or contributions in the nominee’s chosen field or fields, organization, community, state or nation.
3) List quotations, statements of authorities, honors, and awards received which evaluate the nominees’ achievement or contribution.
4) Describe how the nominee excels in at least three (3) of the thirteen (13) areas outlined above.
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