Pines & Cady Hill Recovery Center
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Which program did you participate in, Pines or Cady Hill (PACH)?
Primary and/or Transitional with PACH?
Who was your primary therapist?
How helpful did you find your experience with your therapist?
Not very helpful
Extremely Helpful
Feedback regarding your therapist:
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Facilities and staff
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
I felt safe and comfortable
My needs were met
RCW staff were attentive and available
Food was good quality and prepared well
Kitchen staff were attentive and available
Front desk staff were helpful
Cleanliness of the facility was acceptable
Feedback regarding facilities and staff (specify, RCWs, cooks, front desk, recovery support, etc...):
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What aspects of your time at PACH were most beneficial?
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How would you improve what is done at PACH?
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Would you recommend PACH to a friend or loved one?
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