2024 - 2025 GG Scholars - Information Survey form
Before we start the semester, we wanted to take an opportunity for you to share about yourselves.

This survey will only be seen by Director Martha Burford Reiskind and Program Coordinator Rebecca Stojancic. While a lot of this information is important for the coming semester, some question may be more personal and you can skip any questions you're not comfortable answering. Our goal is to understand everyone's needs and create an inclusive learning environment. Feel free to update your answers throughout the fall, and please notify us when you do so we can have the most up-to-date information.

Three sections to this form:
1. A bit more about who you are individually. Including questions on how you identify, what excites you research-wise, hobbies, what global issues are on your mind, and what you feel your strengths are. Here we are also asking questions about your previous learning experiences, what has worked and what hasn't worked.

2. Your plans for rotations & potential ideas about topics you'd be interested in. The DGPs in your degree program (if you've already declared a degree program) will also contact you about rotations, and any rotations you arrange with them count as rotations with GG Scholars as we work very closely with those programs to ensure you have a great rotation experience. We like to only have the first one or two rotations set up before you start the semester and they are typically 5 weeks but they can be shorter or longer. If you've already selected a PI, one rotation should be with them as well.

3. Your academic background and goals. Here we are trying to identify what your academic background is in a few key areas and any goals you may have in areas you'd like to improve during graduate school. This helps us better prepare for your arrival and help advise on other courses you might want to take.

We will send out a pre-assessment over the summer that will be more directly related to your background in genetics and genomic research so we can help you prepare for the curriculum in GGS and we can evaluate whether we should provide any background support for your success in the GGS Program. As always, reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

All the best,
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We would like to get know each of you individually. Please fill out the best you can.
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You will also have the option to change your preferred name in MyPack Portal, for University use: https://studentservices.ncsu.edu/your-resources/privacy/preferred-name/
Phonetic pronunciation of your name
Phonetic pronunciation of your first and last names is writing them as they sound, not as they are written.
Examples: Rebecca Stojancic (Rebecca Stoy-ahn-CHitch) or Emily Nguyen (Emily WIN)
What pronouns do you use to identify yourself?
Example: Hi, I'm Dr. Burford Reiskind and I use the personal pronouns she, her, hers.

Pronouns and Gender Identity Resources from NCSU: https://studentservices.ncsu.edu/your-resources/privacy/pronouns-and-gender-identity/
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What are your career goals?
What are your abilities and strengths?
Research wise - what matters to you, what kind of research excites you?
What are your hobbies?
Are there any local or global cause(s) that interests you?
Do you have any concerns or areas where you would like guidance as it relates to moving to Raleigh, transitioning to graduate school, etc? If yes, please indicate below.
Are there any personal issues that you are dealing with now or that you foresee in the coming academic year that you would like me to know about (emotional, physical, financial, etc.)?
Tell us a little bit more about who you are, where you're from, any significant challenges you've faced or hurdles you've overcome.
If willing, please describe a circumstance in any part of your life where you have felt excluded or not a part of a group.
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