TLQs Black Lit Directory - Test Readers
The Lit Queens Black Lit Directory is a directory for the Black literature community. Its purpose is to make it a little more easier for those apart of our community to interact and support one another.

This form is for those who provide test or beta reader services to those in the literature community!

Typically a test reader is a member of an author's target audience who is willing to give honest feedback about the piece. He or she reads the piece as a reader and lets the author know what works, what doesn’t, what is not clear, what is not believable, etc. The test reader can be a fan, not usually a professional.

Please note that this directory will be public. If you are not comfortable with individuals contacting you via a certain channel, please do not include it or do not sign up for the directory.

Please tell all your LIT friends about the directory! We want this to grow!
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