Room Booking Service User Survey
In hopes to better understand patron perceptions of the AADL's Room Booking Service, this survey will be used to gather information about how the rooms are used and how patrons feel about them so that AADL can make future decisions about continuing and expanding the service. This survey is part of a larger assessment project being completed for a course at UMSI in partnership with the AADL.
Knowledge of Service
The AADL offers a Room Booking Service at its Downtown and Westgate locations for patrons to book rooms for free at the libraries for their own use. This can be done on the website, at the library location itself (with the help of staff), or in-person on the day of booking, by writing in your name during free time slots. Every library card account can book each of the 5 rooms up to 12 times a piece during a 365-day period.
Have you used the Room Bookings service at the AADL? *
How did you find out about the Room Bookings service at the AADL? *
Experience with the Service
Do you find the Room Bookings service helpful? *
Can you explain, in detail, about a time in which the Room Bookings Service was helpful for you?
Have you ever had issues with the Room Bookings service? *
If yes, can you write about this experience in detail?
Room Use
Have you used the service mostly for group or individual work? *
At which location(s) have you used this service *
What kinds of activities do you use this service for? (Choose all that apply) *
Would you be more likely to use this service more if offered at other locations? *
Could you explain why this would be?
Use of Individual Rooms.
Please choose the option that best describes the number of times you have used each room in the last 365 days.
Meeting Room A (Westgate) *
Meeting Room B (Westgate) *
Lamplighter (Downtown) *
Whiffletree (Downtown) *
Freespace (Downtown) *
On a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is Extremely Dissatisfied and 5 is Extremely Satisfied, please rate the following statements in accordance with your experience with the service. If you do not have experience with the service, please mark N/A. *
Extremely Disagree
Extremely Agree
The library website allows me to easily set up a reservation.
The library website allows me to find information about reservable rooms easily.
The library space inspires learning and studying.
The community space allows for group learning and group study.
Demographic Information
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