The Woman Next Door
This was created for future Dana Specht interviews, however, if you have your own neighbor in mind then that is fine as well.
Who Is Your Woman Next Door? *
Are you neighbors with Dana, or is there someone else on your mind from now or in the past?
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Whatever Did You Do? *
You are bottoms up over her knee, what naughty thing did you do to earn a spanking?
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It Will Probably End Up Bare *
But do you have any protection covering your fanny to start with?
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Just The Hand For The First Time?
Or does she reach for a maternal implement of correction?
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Were You Alone? *
Or were you being naughty with a friend? If someone else was with you then they are going to get the exact same spanking. Who do you think deserves a good spanking?
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The Other Neighbors *
Do they find out what happened? Are you, or the two of you due future spankings? How many laps are you going across?
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Punitive Measures *
You act naughty, you get treated naughty. Perhaps some corner time or having to wear pajamas, or maybe having the spanking witnessed by someone else. Any extra punishment to go with your spanking?
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Moving Forward *
Is it just the one spanking you get, or do more follow?
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