Collective Vision of Synthetic Reality
Welcome to the Collective Vision of Synthetic Reality!

Hope you enjoyed brainstorming with the workshop cards. Please, share some details about your speculative scenario for synthetic media with us:
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The consequences
Based on your following answers, we will be able to place your answer on the graph of consequences.
Would you describe your scenario as "good" or "bad"? *
Is it more utopian or dystopian? is it going to have good or bad consequences on society?
Do you expect your scenario to have large or small impact? *
Small scale = occasional personal use, not any significant impact on the whole society / Large scale = implemented on a large scale in the whole society, significant consequences on larger parts of society
small scale
large scale
Anything else you would like to mention about your scenario?
Any comments or recommendations for Collective Vision of Synthetic Reality project?
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