MeUniverse Project: MeU Party Location Evaluation
This is a continuation of the idea test for fan events for f(x)'s 10th anniversary. In this survey, I'd like to find out in which cities we can hold these events and in what day, plus other details.
NOTE: These are fan events, which means gatherings of fans. The main goal of these is for fans to celebrate f(x)'s anniversary together and have fun reminiscing their favorite moments, sharing photos or videos and generally talking about f(x).
General event info
!!NOTE: Please only answer these questions if you would attend such an event!
What date do you prefer for the party? *
What kind of location would you like for the party? *
What kind of activities would you like at these fan parties? *
What continent are you from? *
You will be sent to a section dedicated to your continent so we can detect a list of cities for the events :)
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